Wednesday, September 8, 2010

sex and violence on television and in movies should be restricted

I believe that sex and violence on television and in movies should be restricted.

Being sexual and violent equates to billions and billions of dollars, in these modern times, a person can view something sexual or violent with a simple click of a mouse, by turning on your television set or renting a movie. By today’s standards children and adults are watching at a minimum of four to six hours of television per day and are being overloaded with these images of violence and sex.

I have an eleven year old son and a thirteen year old daughter who are at the age where they are becoming more and more interested in the opposite sex. My son has even gotten to the point where he has females texting him on a regular asking him questions like; "Do you have a girlfriend". Although, my wife and I have taught our son to insure that all of his texts and phone call are appropriate we as parents still don’t know what the young ladies parent’s have taught them.  What is her meaning of boy friend? Is she sexually active? Did she learn from TV or a movie how boyfriend and girlfriend should act.
I feel the element of sex and violence in movies distorts the view and ideal that parents should be teaching their children.  If we (as parents) don't get a handle on what are children are watching on TV or in movies then we should not be surprised when little Johnny shoots up his high school or little Sara has sex and get pregnant at age fourteen.  TV and movies teach our kids how to be violent and sexual but they fail to show are children what to do after the actions have been complete and the negative actions that follow.
Just a thought... what do you think?

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